Building a railway to link Fort William to Inverness was a long-held dream for Victorian engineers and speculators. But the competing rail companies of the day refused to co-operate and it was never realised.

In an ambitious, ground-breaking TV event for Channel 4, a team of model railway enthusiasts, engineers, builders, carpenters and an army of volunteers are attempting to build the biggest model railway track ever constructed, stretching from coast to coast across Scotland, 72 miles along the walking path of the picturesque Great Glen Way.

Model trains will then wind their way through some of Britain’s most stunning scenery!

Track laying is well underway with the sections from Fort William through Fort Augustus and Invermoriston and the section through Drumnadrochit should be going down on 28th June.

The pictures show the sections around Bunloit laid today and the tented village that’s been erected at Loch Ness Bay Camping at Borlum to feed and house the modern day navvies undertaking the project.